Partnering with another agency can be problematic when they offer little while pretending to be experts, and this is a situation unfortunately common with media agencies. Involve Digital counter this by limiting the extent to which the inferior party interferes, and insisting upon complete transparency and perfect communication. In simple terms, we stand up, taking responsibility for as much of the campaign the client can permit us, giving the client and campaign the greatest chance of success.
Taking more responsibility always leads to better results. With HIA, we led the agency with which we partnered as well as developing the client’s crucial landing page. Unlike our work with Cotton On, for whom we controlled all their development, we were responsible for the landing page only. The main takeaway here is that although we specialise in online marketing, our network of trusted partners reaches far and wide and we’re always ready to connect our clients with any creative or digital service they need.


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October - May
Cost Per Lead: $86.35.
CPC: $1.91
Western Australia conversion rate of 9.14%
23,036 clicks.
Complete Control.
Complete Control.
Building Surveying Courses: 100% click to conversion rate.
10.48% click to conversion rate in Tasmania.
Certificate for Building and Construction: 100% click to conversion rate.
Doubled the budget. Quadrupled the leads.
618 Leads.
Average position in search results was 1.3.
Doubled the budget. Quadrupled the leads.
7,824,830 Impressions.