Monster Group



Monster Group is a collection of more than a few businesses including Tax Monster, Debt Monster, and Energy Monster (now known as Electricity Monster). One element that connects them all is their approach to marketing and how they generate leads, all controlled by Involve Digital, and made all the better due to the fantastic relationship we have with the founder of Monster Group, the foundations of which are strengthened with every new astounding result we deliver to them.
Throughout our partnership, we taught them what we knew of digital marketing to ensure they could fight for themselves, from which point our assistance has continued in an advisory capacity. We achieved so much for them in such a short amount of time. With an incredibly granular structured campaign, we approached each state and territory across our continent with a thoughtfully designed attack that handed Monster Group the reigns with a strong grounding of success.


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October - November
Tax, Debt and Electricity.
10% conversion rate.
Tax, Debt and Electricity.
66 new leads in the first week.
Leading the Monster.
Leading the Monster.
Click to conversion rate of 30%
The Rapid Facts.
CPA of $9.05.
The Rapid Facts.
1008 new leads from Google Adwords.
Weeks 1 & 2: $125 cost per lead.
Week 3: $110 cost per lead.
Weeks 4 & 5: $100 cost per lead.
Week 6: $92 cost per lead.
Week 7: $84 cost per lead.